Saturday, August 08, 2009


My Dad and Step-Mom, Pat came to visit us a few weeks ago. They drove their new little RV from California. It's a Winnebago View and it's quite cute - it would be perfect for Ron, Michael, Holly and I to travel this great land of ours one day! *giggle*

Here's my Dad, he's 83 - doesn't he look great?

Here's a photo of my Dad and Mom when he was about 32 or 33 - handsome fella, eh? My Mom was quite pretty, I really miss her.

This is my Dad and Pat. They have been married for almost 25 years now. She's always on the go, go, go! Pat had a double knee replacement last year on Valentine's day and she said it was the best thing she ever did, although her recovery took longer than she hoped it would. She is a fantastic seamstress and quilter. She always wins ribbons at the San Diego County Fair for her creations. She also sews baby blankets and clothes for needy children. She's a neat lady and I love her very much.


First Cousins - my Dad and his cousin, Bill, who is 89.

We all had a ball at the reunion. Sometimes I really miss Michigan and all of my friends and family, but I'm happy with the home that Ron and I have here.