Saturday, May 09, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Even though it was a long, cold winter, this spring the flowers have been just outstanding and many have bloomed earlier than in Springs past.

Here is a photo of one of my azalea's - it's outstanding this spring! Behind it is my trellis with my Clematis, it has some new sprouts growing up from the ground but nothing on last years wood - which you're supposed to leave - we'll see how this blooms in a few months.

Michael and I worked on my planters and flower pots the other day. I found kids gardening gloves for him and we also found these lovlies - horned violeta, I think they are adorable!

Who doesn't love Gerbera Daisy's?

Happy Sunday, Happy Mother's Day!

Red Birds

I love to watch and feed the birds. Last year we had a nest of Robins in our little crab apple bush near our front porch. Unfortunately, the babies did not make it and some critter got to them before they could fly. I found the decimation on our front walkway one morning, pretty gross.

This spring I put a plate feeder in our front tree and the birds have really enjoyed it! It has attracted a male and female cardinal and a few weeks ago I noticed the pair flying around our front porch. I finally spotted this little nest in the crab apple bush.

It doesn't look like much of a nest but the cardinals seem happy.

Last Saturday, May 2nd, I peeked into the nest and saw these 4 adorable eggs! We're so excited and hope that the babies make it to grace our feeders like their parents!

I will try to post some more photos of the babies (hopefully)when they hatch! I understand that the Papa takes over the feeding of the little brood so I hope he doesn't mind me peeking in on them.