Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween To All!

Well, the kids are all dressed in their costumes and ready to hit the neighborhood.

Michael is a Chicago Blackhawk Hockey Player, Holly is a "Queen Bee" and Roadie is a King...not "The King" but that gives me an idea for next year.

Holly - Miss Queen Bee. She was a trooper and the costume stayed on the whole time!

King Roadie and Holly. I had to bring Roadie home because he wasn't behaving well - little Brat.

As we progressed, Michael shed most of his Costume and I ended up carrying his gloves, his roller blades and then his helmet. Next year, he's on his own! But it is a beautiful afternoon here - we've had worse Halloweens. It seems like it was always raining and cold when I was young. Then again, we got to go begging for candy on the actual Halloween day, not matter what day of the week and it was at night too.

I hope all of your little goblins have a safe and Happy Halloween!