Friday, November 13, 2009

Special Request for a Special Child - An Early Christmas

Noah Biorkman is a young boy stricken with cancer. His family doesn’t think he’ll make it to Christmas, so, they want to have as many people as possible to send him cards now.

I just saw a video on CNN. What a little doll! He is from South Lyon, MI and is in the last stages of a 2 1/2 yr battle with Neuroblastoma Cancer. Noah & his family are celebrating X-mas next week since he may not make it through Dec. Noah’s request for X-mas was to get a lot of Christmas cards in the mail. Let’s fulfill his request! Send cards to: Noah Biorkman 1141 Fountain View Circle South Lyon, MI 48178..Copy and Repost! Let’s show this child how special he is:)”

So I wanted to see if I could help.

I’m going to send my card this week, will you?

Post Script: Sad News -- Noah Biorkman died on Monday, November 23rd. He received over 1 million Christmas Cards from well wishers from all over the world. Sleep in peace, Noah.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Chrismas Carol (In July)

It was snowing in Union Station!

Disney's "A Christmas Carol" train came into Union Station for a few days this summer on its way from L.A. to New York city for the premiere of the newest version of the Dickens classic. We took the Metra down to see it and it was really neat, once you got through the long line.

Four cars were turned into really cool exhibits; everything from real artifacts from the Charles Dickens Museum in London, to actual props and costumes worn by the actors.

One car had a lot of hands-on things to show the cool technology they used to turn the live performances into virtual 3-D.

At the end of the exhibit, they had a little place set up for a photo op - We wish you a Merry Christmas!

After we viewed the 3-D preview of the movie, we hopped a cab to have lunch at Ed Debevic's, a 50's style diner.

They make you wear these dorky paper hats...

The music and food are great. If you ever visit Chicago, you have to "Eat At Ed's".

All in all, it was a nice excursion to the city, but it's time to go home now.

after while, Crocodile...