Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catching Up

Since I have a few days off of work, I thought I would catch up on posting. We went to San Diego at Thanksgiving and we brought the cold rainy weather with us. During a break in the rain, we went to Balboa Park and walked around a bit.

This is a beautiful building with a Lily Pond in front of it.

This is the Casa del Prado Theatre. We didn't get inside but I heard that it isn't as nice as the outside. Oh, well.

Close-up...it might not be that grand inside, but this ornate facade is pretty amazing.

Here is the Botanical Building - very nice with lot's of Orchids, Christmas Cactus and Poinsettias.

More posts to come about our trip. We really had a lot of fun there and hope to go back this summer.

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