Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"You're Soaking In It."

On Thursday, the Forest Preserve/Park District did a controlled burn in the field out back to kill off the dead weeds and reeds, etc. They try to do it before any birds start nesting so as not to disturb the wildlife. Here are a couple of pictures of the burn... Whoa!! It sure looks like it might be getting a little out of control but it didn't. The fires went out pretty quickly. So now we have burnt grass, weeds, etc. out back except for the mowed trails that we like to walk on, well we used to just walk on the non-burnt trails. But now that the grass has been charred, "let's not listen to Mom as she calls me back to the yard and just run ALL OVER the nice burned grass"!

Burned grass and white Aussie paws do not mix. So of course a mani and pedi is in order. Do you ever wonder how dogs know by the tone of your voice that something is up...

Here is a little video clip of the escape. Roadie is running back to me but Holly took off the other way.

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