Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy AnniversarWii!

Yesterday was our 8th anniversary - look at the lovely Roses that Ron brought home for me...

I love the Waterford Vase - it was a wedding gift from my cousin Bonnie from Utah. I use it every chance that I can get.

Oh, see what else "wii" got for our Anniversary...

It's actually quite a lot of fun - I am channeling my inner "Rock Star/Super Star" "Hit me with your best away"

Oh, I totally rock at Wii Golf. I'm also planning on hitting the WPGA tour in a few weeks. I talked to Annika and she wants me to take her place since she retired from the tour. Happy to help ya out, GF!

It's going to be a busy sumnmer!

As a side note, why is it that when you mention new technology gadgets like big-screen Hi-Def TV's, computers, games, etc. that husbands are "I'll get right on that, honey" but when you ask them to help paint or finish the crown molding project or ask them to put away their tools, they are the masters of procrastination...just wonderin'

Have a great day!

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