Friday, May 16, 2008

My Fabulous Find

I so missed posting last week at Kelli's Place Kelli's House
but since I was at Disneyland with my two most favorite guys, I knew you'd all understand!

For this week's Show and Tell, I want to show you this sweet little Ladies Spinet Writing Desk that I found at an adorable Antique place called Country Church Antiques, in Ridgefield, Illinois. I have to get back there soon - they had so many treasures but I could only fit this in the back of the Santa Fe.

I needed a "spot" just for me to get a little peace and quiet and write out cards and letters. Now I am looking for just the right chair and little lamp. I hope you like my find, I sure do!


Kelli said...

I love your sweet little's beautiful! Have fun writing your letters!

Kathy said...

A beautiful writing desk! Love it!...Kathy

Ruuta said...

Oh, this desk is so beautiful! I wish to find table like this for myself.