Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tuesday's With Michael - July 22 - Meet Me At The Fair!

Michael and I went to the County Fair - it was a beautiful day. We had a lot of fun checking out the barns of livestock and other things like floral displays, antiques, home economics items. We rode some rides but Michael couldn't go on a lot of the "bigger" rides but it was still fun!

We went the first day of the fair so a lot of animals weren't there yet.
I thought this little calf was pretty cute.

Goats are a funny - and curious!

Do you have food?

I want to eat your hat!

Michael had fun on some of the kiddie rides.

In addition to the rides, we strolled through the other buildings and I especially liked the antique area. Here's an old fire truck. I played around with Picasa for this photo.

Here is the original photo in living color.

A lovely display of old cameras.

I Love Lucy (and Ethel too). This is a cool cookie jar!

Finally, how would you have liked to wash your clothes in this contraption? Happy Home Steam Washer? Happy? I don't think so. Makes you very thankful for all of our modern conveniences.

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