Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Franklin Cider Mill

On our way back to Illinois from our weekend in Michigan, we stopped at The Franklin Cider Mill for the world's best Apple Cider and Cider Donuts - yummmmmm! The place was really busy and has changed some but the cider and donuts are still as delicious as ever.

Long lines of folks hungry for the wonderful apple delicacies that await them inside.

A sign that is posted and explains the history of the mill.

The water wheel that powers the mill. This is a new one, painted Candy Apple Red.

This the original governor that controlled the speed of the water wheel when the Franklin River would rise.

A shot of the Franklin River, an off-shoot of the River Rouge that runs behind and thus, powers the water wheel. The bouncy things are new - I guess they needed something to entertain the kids. When I was little, we used to just run up the sandy hill behind or play on the banks of the river.

Delicious, fresh apple cider made from Honey Crisp apples - the nectar of the gods! *Cheers*

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