Saturday, May 15, 2010

Carnage out my backdoor

Well, in my earlier post about the critters we have seen this spring, I wrote about the coyotes who have made themselves heard and seen. This morning Roadie was making a ruckus, so I looked out to see if our neighbors were out in their backyard and I saw this critter chomping down on something.

I grabbed my little point and shoot and managed to get a couple of pictures of it after I had interrupted its breakfast.

There was a mama duck in the pond going crazy so I though that it might have eaten papa duck. Carlos & Anita came over and Carlos found 3 dead baby ducklings..sniff, sniff...mama duck is still flying around looking for them, it is quite sad to see. Anita and I had Carlos bury them so the coyote couldn't get them again.

I know that nature is not always pleasant and I am a huge animal lover but the coyotes are really worrying me. I think this one could easily take down Roadie, heaven forbid. Would it be horrible to get a b-b gun to scare it off if I ever see it again?

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