Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring Critters Out My Backdoor

Here is a little photo essay of the animals that we've seen this spring just out our backdoor.

One of the male mallards. He and his mate were in our backyard looking for a nesting place but with our two dogs, who love to chase birds, they decided to move in down the street.

"There arose such a clatter". On May 1st, I heard this loud clacking noise and saw these two Sandhills out on the park grounds. I sent Ron out with his new camera to get some shots. Aren't they cool?

More clattering, but this was from the Canada Geese - one late afternoon they were just honking and carrying on, it was quite annoying. I decided to see what was going on when I saw these two out back. This scrawny yearling...

and it's Mama. Love it!!!

We've also had a lot of coyotes out back but I can never take their picture because it's too dark. They have been very active and noisy this spring. Our next-door neighbor saw one jump our 4' fence from his yard to ours. Kind of scary actually so we have to watch Roadie and Holly when we let them out at night.

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