Friday, February 01, 2008

Snow Day....woo hoo!

God bless weathermen, er, I mean meteorologist (excuse me). People just jump all over them when they are wrong. Not me. What was supposed to be a "little snow - 'bout 1-3 inches" turned into, oh, about 10-12".

This morning I got Michael ready for pre-school, kissed DH goodbye (he can "work from home" whenever he wants and we were off! The roads were a little yucky, but nothing that my Santa Fe can't handle (I love my S.F). I finally got to work...hmmmm...the parking lot is pretty in, booted up my pc and hit the Outlook 7:50 a.m. there was an all employee email - THE OFFICE IS CLOSED and WE GET PAID FOR IT! WOO HOO HOO! I ended up working until 10:30 and left but I'm glad that I stayed because I was able to get a lot of busy work done without interruptions.

I stopped at Target (ALONE) and wandered aimlessly up and down the aisles. There was no one there. All I need to buy was a birthday gift for one of Michael's friends. $64.00 later. Then I stopped at Wendy's and picked up lunch for DH and me. I love their chili. I watched Martha Stewart's show - she was pretty funny, especially with the guy who was making lots of yummy drinks for a SUPER BOWL party. The mojito one looked yummy!

So now I am multi-tasking - doing laundry and surfing! Have a great weekend.

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