Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday's With Michael - June 24 2008

Welcome to another "Tuesday's with Michael" post. I didn't have any day trips planned for today, I just wanted to hang around the house a bit. Michael and I played hide and seek and other games in the house. I think Holly would be a great tracking dog - she finds Michael every time! However, since she's such a velcro dog, she gives away my hiding spot every time too! We were playing a little Star Wars and needed another body to be Obi Wan...what do you think of Obiwanholly? She looks thrilled, doesn't she.

Outside I pulled out the slip n' slide - Michael wanted me to do it with him - can you imagine. If I did, I probably would have to be in traction!

After all of the strenuous activities out in the heat, what better to cool you off than a - - - CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE! Here's what you need. First, some vanilla ice cream - we like Fieldcrest. Scoop out your ice cream into a blender.

Then you need to add some milk..also Fieldcrest (but now marked as Jewel's)

Add some Hershey's Chocolate Syrup to the blender

Oh come on...add some more chocolate syrup! ...turn that puppy on for about 25 seconds, adding more milk or ice cream to get to your desired thickness.

Smile for the camera...

Pour in a cute milkshake glass and...


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Ivory Spring said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for leaving the kind comment on my blog about my first quilt.

Michael is cute! You think you would mind sharing that shake?! ;)