Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Wild Sort Of Devil...

but dead on the level, was My Gal Sal

I'm not sure if any of you have heard of that song, it was one that my Dad used to sing to us many a time. Kind of how he did the Three Stooges "Niagara Falls" skit.

My Dad. What a character. He's lived an amazing life and has so many wonderful stories. We keep asking to get him to write them down, type them or record them in a tape recorder.

I'd call him to wish him a Happy Father's Day but he's volunteering at the U.S. Open this weekend. He's always been a great golfer and still golfs once or twice a week. Arnold Palmer, Chi Chi Rodriguez and Lee Trevino have been his favorite players. In my teens, he put in a putting green in our yard. He got it from a little 9-hole course that was losing some holes due them widening a road. I have to admit that I'm a pretty good putter myself. I used to go out and horse around on the putting green to kill some time.

I miss my Dad and wish that we lived closer to he and Pat (my step-mom). But we go out there as often as we can.

I hope you had fun at the Open today, Dad! I love you!

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