Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday's With Michael

I haven't posted on this subject in a while. We have either been on vacation or I switched days with Ron but mostly because the weather has been so awful that it always seems like it was cold and rainy on Tuesday's. Well, not today - it was a glorious day!

We left the house at 9:45 a.m. and got home at 5:30 p.m. - what a day!

We did some errands first - post office; a little Kohl's shopping then we headed to Lamb's Farm in Libertyville, IL. Founded in 1961, Lambs Farm is a premier non-profit organization serving adults with developmental disabilities. Lambs Farm has grown from a small pet shop in Chicago to a 72-acre campus located in Libertyville, Illinois where opportunity flourishes for the more than 250 men and women served.

We went to the Pet Shop to see the puppies and to dance with Delta, a Macaw who likes to dance if you sing "La Cucaracha"...she's a hoot! Then we went to the farm to see the animals. Lambs Farm not only helps adults with developmental disabilities, but they also help animals with disabilities as well. All of the animals were so friendly, except for a Llama. Michael enjoyed brushing the goats and sheep in the petting area. They were all so gentle.

We went on a train ride, played miniature golf and had lunch at the Country Inn of Lambs Farm.

We headed back toward our home and stopped off at a garden center to pick up some veggies for the garden. It's going to be a late harvest but you can't mess with Mother Nature.

Our last stop was the new Splash Pad at Central Park in Grayslake. Michael had fun getting soaked and played on the Jungle Gym there as well.

Now, it's nappy time, nothing like fresh air and sunshine...have a good evening.

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Strawberry Lane said...

What a fun time with all the animals! Lucky, lucky kids! Adorable photos!