Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Memories Part 1- Hudson's Department Store

I grew up in Michigan, mainly in Dearborn (or "Dearbern" as it is pronounced in the area) and West Bloomfield - near Walnut Lake. Hudson's department store in downtown Detroit was THE store to go Christmas shopping in the early - mid 60's. The J.L. Hudson's Thanksgiving Day Parade would kick off the Christmas season and we went to many a parade. My Dad and Uncles would get us up really early, load us and ladders and wood planks in the cars. They would set up the ladders and planks in a primo spot to view the parade - us kids sitting up on the plank to see the parade - pretty cool, actually. Mom would stay home preparing the feast for 30 or so relatives.

One particular year, my Dad and Uncles sent us kids home from the parade in a cab as they were going to the annual Lion's Thanksgiving Day football game (when they played downtown at Tiger Stadium). I don't think our Mom's were too cool with that - can you imaging sending 3 or 4 kids home in a cab from downtown Detroit in this day and age???

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