Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Memories Part II - Favorite Ornaments

My Mom started a tradition of giving us a new ornament each Christmas since we were born until she passed away when I was 20. Most of the ornaments are Italian Glass Blown Ornaments and are some of my most prized possessions. I have not put them on our tree for the past 3 years - I was afraid that the LM would accidentally break one, but now that we have a bigger tree this year, I have decided to bring them out once again. Here are a few of my favorites.

The first one is Mae West - I believe she was the first or second ornament that my Mom bought for me - so she is up there in age (as am I). *Smile*

I think my favorite one is the little blue Eskimo - isn't she precious?


Joyful Days said...

What sweet ornaments!! How fun!

Susan said...

Sweet ornaments, and great memories for you of your mom!