Saturday, December 08, 2007

O Tannenbaum

This morning the whole fam (Holly too) took a drive in the country to Ben's Christmas Tree Farm in Harvard,Illinois. DH mapped out a route taking country roads to avoid highways and busy roads. At one point LM said "We in the middle of no where"...where do they come up with stuff like that?

We got to Ben's in about an hour. What an adorable farm! They had two teams of horses pulling wagons; a little shed of goats and sheep and a warming shed with yummy hot chocolate. Santa was there too!

We cut down a beautiful White Pine, about 6.5 feet tall. LM helped Daddy cut the tree and drag it out of the woods. I think that I took a few good photos and hope to use one for our Christmas card this year.

I have uploaded them to flickr but I have to figure out how to put flickr on here. If anyone has any helpful hints, do tell!


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